Cafe Your Way

Cafe Your Way

from 60.00

Start your day with a café-quality breakfast that you can whip up in your accommodation with our Cafe Your Way pack. Choose from medium or large size. Medium serves 2-3 people (6 eggs) and large serves 6 or more (12 eggs). For larger groups or longer stays simply increase the quantity. Either way, it’s absolute cooked perfection!

Cafe Your Way includes:
Locally-cured Bacon from Zamora Meats
Breakfast Sausages from Zamora Meats
Bread Loaf (wholegrain or white) 
Free Range Eggs

Swap Bacon/Sausages for: 
Hot-smoked Salmon from Harbour Fish
Hollandaise Sauce

Select “Add to Cart” and you can customise your bacon/salmon and bread preferences.

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