Little Travellers

Little Travellers


Take some of the strain out of planning a trip with children and arrive to your accommodation with snacks and nibbles ready and waiting for them!

While you relax with your platter and pinot in the evening, keep the kids happy with their own selection of child-friendly snacks. We’ve put together a lovely mix of yummy nibbles and breakfast items for them to enjoy at your holiday house, and as a bonus they are easily portable so you can take them on the road for your next day of adventures. 

The Little Travellers Pack serves 4 children for one day, or 2 children for two days. For more kids or longer stays simply increase the quantity.

Little Travellers Pack includes:
Heartland Potato Chips
Microwave Sweet As Popcorn
Smooshed Bliss Balls
Cheese and Cracker Singles
Probiotic Yoghurt Pouches
4 portions of breakfast cereals (Weetbix or Cornflakes)
750ml Milk

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