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for food lovers and holiday makers

Welcome to Wanaka

So you've just booked your accommodation through Manuka Crescent Motel, nice choice! Our team at Welcome select the best local, gourmet food and deliver delicious food packs right to your door so you can relax the moment you arrive. You’re welcome.

Ordering is really, really easy! Simply choose from our freshly sourced food packs, order online and your box will be waiting at the holiday house upon your arrival. 

Please note we need you to order 5 days before your expected arrival.



You need to order a Welcome Pack if ...

You want to arrive and immediately relax over an amazing Platter that has taken zero effort to create or have the Basics there so you can focus on the doing!

You like having things organised in advanced because your a little bit type-A (and that's ok 😉).

You're part of a larger group and it's just easier to have a few meals at home (parents, you know what we mean...).

You love good food and want to sample the best the region has to offer (we know the best food in the area!).


Not quite ready to order?
We can send you a reminder.

If you're not ready to order from us today, enter your details below and we will send you a reminder a bit closer to your trip. Plus we'll throw in a few local tips about Wanaka too!

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